Room Selection Q 6


Singles and Doubles as Singles (buyouts) are limited to students with ADA-approved accommodation requests. If you have a specific need for a single that would fall under ADA policy, please make sure to submit that documentation and request to the Academic Support Center by March 15th. ADP and SPS housing students never have roommates.

All other students need to have roommate plans in place prior to Room Selection. Rooms can only be selected if they are filled to occupancy - so if you want to be in a double room, you need to have a roommate with you at the time of selection; if you want a triple, you need 2 roommates; etc.

If you are unable to fill a room to occupancy when your number is called, you will be directed to select another eligible room that you can fill to occupancy or you will drop to the bottom of room selection and be paired with other students who do not have roommate plans.

Any room not filled to occupancy at any point after room selection may be consolidated or moved to achieve full occupancy at any time. This may include adding other students or moving the assigned students to a more appropriate room for the size of the roommate group. Students with vacancies are not permitted to refuse a roommate consolidation.

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