Room Selection Q 10


2019-2020 Designations

McElwain 2 (all-female; sophomore-senior)

McElwain 3 (all-female, freshmen only)

Davison 3 (all-male freshmen only)

Davison 2 (all-male; mixed class)

Disert 1 (Mixed gender, junior/seniors only)

Disert 2 (Pet-free, mixed gender, mixed class)

Disert 3 (mixed gender, freshmen only)

Rosenkrans 1 (mixed-gender, 10 freshmen, 22 upperclassmen)

Rosenkrans 2 & 3 (mixed gender, freshmen only)

Riddle (mixed gender; sophomore-seniors)

South (mixed gender; upperclassmen)

Prentis (Single Parent ScholarĀ (SPS); mixed gender; mixed class)

Mixed gender indicates only that men and women will occupy the same residential floor/hall community; no mixing of genders is permitted within a room or a suite. Each of the mixed areas has access to multiple restrooms; hall communities will be permitted to decide designations if they desire; otherwise designations of restrooms will be determined by ResLife.

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