Odds and Ends

Acronyms – Periods are not used with acronyms, which are uppercase. Ex. WCGA, NCAA, NEAC. (Exception: U.S.)

All right – Wrong: Alright. Correct: All right. 

Ampersands (&) should never be used in place of and unless it is part of a company’s formal name: F&M Trust, Simon & Schuster.

Colleges and programs within Wilson—Always use in uppercase and in full on first reference, e.g. Adult Degree Programs Shorthand acronyms, such ADP, can be used for subsequent references.
College buildings—Capitalize the names of campus buildings and use in full on first reference. (Ex. Penn Hall Equestrian Center, Lenfest Commons, Warfield Hall.)

Department/office names – Lowercase informal department and office names (Ex. psychology department, philosophy department, admissions office, registrar’s office) except when it includes proper nouns, e.g., English department.

Names of departments and offices should be capitalized when the full name is used. (Ex. the Office of College Advancement, the Department of Fine Arts, the Office of Admissions.)

email – Lowercase, with no hyphen

Internet – Always uppercase

Its/It’s – It’s with an apostrophe is a contraction for “it is.” Its without an apostrophe is possessive. (Ex. It’s good to see you. The dog scratched its face.)

online – Lowercase, no hyphen

Participial phrases – A participial phrase at the beginning of a sentence must refer to the grammatical subject.
(Ex. Wrong: On arriving in New York, his friends met him at the airport. Correct: On arriving in New York, he was met at the airport by friends.)

Religious titles – The first reference to an ordained clergyperson should include a capitalized title before the person’s name, usually The Rev. (Note: Capitalize The only when it begins a sentence.) On second reference, use only the last name. (Ex: The Rev. Kate Smanik Moyes on first reference and Moyes on the second.)

Telephone numbers – Use figures, as in 717-264-4141. The form for all toll-free numbers is 800-265-3751. Do not use a “1” before any long-distance or toll-free numbers.
If an extension is needed, use a comma to separate the main number from the extension: 212-621-1500, ext. 2.

The Phoenix – when referring to the name of Wilson’s athletic teams, always capitalize Phoenix.

There/Their/They’re – They’re is a contraction for “they are.” Their is possessive. There means a place, as in, “We went there.”

Toward –Use toward, not towards.

URLs – always lowercase, generally no http:// prefix, e.g., www.wilson.edu

Web– website, webpage, webcam, webcast, webmaster (deviation from AP style).

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