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How do I know if I need Counseling?

Counseling may be of help to you if you feel concerned about:

  • Where you are going with your life...goals...future plans.
  • Picking the wrong friends, or other relationship issues.
  • Something you have never told anybody, but feel like now you need to.
  • Studying. You do your homework, but don't seem to learn.
  • Not knowing how to study. The fact that you received all "A"s and "B"s in high school and now are on academic probation.
  • Deciding on a major.
  • How to make responsible choices regarding alcohol and drug use.
  • Feeling like you can't go on. Feeling like it might be better off to not live any more.
  • Thinking that things always go wrong or not as you intended.
  • The fact that you were popular back home and now don't seem to be able to meet people in college.
  • Feeling sad or depressed most of the time.
  • Needing some help with a physical or learning disability.
  • Either eating too much or too little, or obsessive concerns about weight or body image.
  • Feeling stressed out or anxious, or worrying too much.

If you feel that any one of these applies to you, you may find it helpful to come to the Counseling Center and talk it over with a counselor. Everything you share with a Counselor is kept in STRICT CONFIDENCE!

Drug and Alcohol Issues

Eating Disorders

Domestic Violence and Abuse Issues

Mental Health Issues



Following are some websites that might be helpful for issues related to self-injury:

Pornography Addiction Issues

Following is a website that might be helpful for issues related to pornography addiction:

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