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Phoenix Feather Recognition Program

The Phoenix Feather Recognition Program is a peer-to-peer program that provides faculty and staff a tool to recognize the exemplary work performance and achievement of one another.

This program is not meant to replace the faculty evaluation process or the staff performance evaluation process.  However, it is meant to promote and recognize efforts that demonstrate a culture of cooperation, continuous improvement and thankfulness to those who consistently strive to improve the workplace.

Tied to our Mission and Values, the Phoenix Feather Recognition Program is a simple and easy way to acknowledge how important the actions of faculty and staff positively influence the student experience, day in and day out, at Wilson College. 

Nominate a Peer

Nominating a peer for a job well done is super easy through an intuitive online nomination form.  Simply go to the online nomination form.  Tell us how great your peer is, making sure to tie their actions back to our Values.  Hit submit.  And, that’s it!

Once the nomination form is submitted, it will automatically route to the Phoenix Feather Ambassadors (peer group of faculty and staff) for review.  The ambassadors will review nominations on a monthly basis, ensuring they adhere to the intent of the program then provide approval.  Once approved, the nomination will be sent to the recipient and their immediate supervisor.  If the nomination is not approved, the ambassadors will provide brief, constructive feedback to the nominator.

What are the perks of winning a Phoenix Feather?

Names of all Phoenix Feather recipients will be published monthly online and shared via Connection, the internal digital newsletter for faculty and staff.

Annually, all approved nominations will be placed into a random drawing for a larger recognition award to be announced at the service award event traditionally held in December of each year.


Simple Tips for How Supervisors can Recognize Their Phoenix Feather Winners 

Submit a Wilson College faculty or staff member for a Phoenix Feather here. 


Phoenix Feather Q & As
Q.  Who is eligible to participate in the program?
A. All employees of Wilson College, regardless of employment status (full-time, part-time, contract, temporary, etc.) are eligible to participate.
Q.  Is there a length of service requirement for nominees?
A. No.  Employees can either nominate a peer or be nominated for a Phoenix Feather on the first day of employment at Wilson.
Q.  How many times can an employee be nominated?
A. There are no limits to the number of times an employee can be recognized with a Phoenix Feather. The goal is to recognize peers at Wilson whose action support the College’s goals and demonstrate our Values.
Q.  Are Phoenix Feather Ambassadors eligible to participate in the program and be nominated for recognition?
A. Yes, ambassadors can participate in the program and be nominated for a Phoenix Feather.  However, if an ambassador is nominated, he/she must abstain from the review and approval process for their individual nomination.
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