Do you have health and counseling services available on campus?

Located in Lenfest Commons are the college counselor and the college nurse. Wellness issues are recognized as an important part of residential and non-residential student life. The counselor and college nurse are focused on campus wide wellness promotion. They work to incorporate nutrition, fitness, self-care measures, stress management and coping skills to support students in their personal and academic lives.

The Health Center provides a clinic where students are welcome to consult with a nurse for various health and wellness issues. A local medical practice offers non-emergency care to resident students.

The Counseling Center provides individual psychotherapy, in which students can address a range of mental health, behavioral, and social issues. A psychiatrist is also available to students for medication management. Support groups, psycho-education venues, health and wellness fairs, and workshops are also offered throughout each semester. All Health and Counseling Center services are confidential, and free to Wilson students.

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