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Dr. William Curran was a 19th century Presbyterian Physician with a vision of furthering women’s education. His trust, which began providing scholarships to students in the early 1930s, has benefited more than 300 Wilson students.

The college revised the scholarship program in 1994, updating the scholarship requirements but maintaining the spirit behind Dr. Curran’s trust. Today’s Curran Scholars are chosen on the basis of academic ability and proven service to their community and are required to continue that service while at Wilson College.

Current Requirements

Scholarship recipients must volunteer 260 hours per academic year. Students are encouraged to work all of these hours in the local community, helping to strengthen ties between the local community of Chambersburg, and the students of Wilson. As such, students are only allowed to complete 60 of their service hours in their home communities over the summer and other school breaks. In keeping with the spirit of the original scholarship requirements students must also take two courses in Religion and/or Philosophy during their time at Wilson. Students meet with the Chaplain monthly to discuss their volunteer work for the past month and to plan for future work.

The goal of the scholarship is to free the recipients from a portion of their financial aid requirements of work-study employment and student loans. It is the hope of Wilson College that Curran Scholars will be able to continue their civic involvement after graduation and feel free to choose careers and further education without worry about the debt they have incurred from their college education.

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