Communications FAQs

Q: How do I publicize an event?

A: For major events, please inform us at least one month in advance. Start with the Marketing and Communications Request Form. The College uses a special masthead for news releases and this is the only acceptable news release format. Please note that while we can send news to the media, we cannot guarantee its publication. If your event absolutely has to be seen or heard by the public, you may need to purchase advertising.


Q: What are the steps to getting a project accomplished through the Office of Marketing and Communications?

A: First step is to complete the Marketing and Communications Request Form. Every project is different, but one of the most important things to remember is to plan ahead. Depending on your project, it may be accomplished in a few days or it may take many months. It is also critical to discuss your project with us early in the planning stage. We can frequently offer suggestions that will allow the creation of a better finished product in a more efficient (time and money) manner. 


Q: Who will write the copy?

A: In all cases, you are responsible for providing the original copy that will be used in your publication. Although we have writers who can occasionally do original work for a few major publications, typically, we edit the original manuscript that you have produced. If you think you need help with the initial writing of your publication, it is important that you communicate that with us as early in the planning process as possible since it adds considerable time to the overall project.


Q: Who will design my project?

A: When you plan your publication or project, the Office of Marketing and Communications will offer text and graphics suggestions, design and layout the actual product and suggest printers and other vendors to obtain a printing price that fits your budget. It is a good idea to bring samples of previously printed pieces (either those done for the College or from other organizations) that you think would be effective with your particular audience. Our designer will be involved in discussions with you about your audience, the nature of your message and the budget you have available to create the effect you want.


Q: Do I have to pay for design?

A: If your project is done entirely by our staff, there are no costs to your department. However, there will be costs associated with printing and possibly mailing for which your department will be responsible. As part of the process of planning your project, we will obtain estimates of all costs before they are contracted.


Q: Where do I find images or photographs?

A: The Office of Marketing and Communications maintains a library of images that can be used for many projects. Frequently, existing images will meet your needs. We always encourage the use of real Wilson College people and situations when possible.


Q: Will my jobs be printed on campus?

A: Wilson College has an in-house printing option, which is housed in our Post Office. Whenever possible, this is the first option considered for cost and efficiency. When it is best that publications be printed by professional printers, the Office of Marketing and Communications can offer suggestions and obtain costs for you. You will have the opportunity to consider these costs before the printer is contracted.


Q: Once I submit the copy and photographs for my job, how long will it be until I get the finished product?

A: Every project is different, so it is impossible to provide a specific timeline until we learn more about your project. For every project, a staff member from the Office of Marketing and Communications will serve as your project manager. It is important to establish a production schedule and date for completion.


Q: How can I get help with new Web pages for my department?

A: If you are looking for page updates, new pages or more advanced Web site design, please contact us via the Marketing and Communications Request Form. 

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