Communications Department Services

Specific services provided by our staff include consultation on media relations and planning, advertising placement and design, publication and website design, writing, editing, photography and some videography. Specific products we produce include photography and artwork, press releases, print and electronic advertising and print and electronic publications.


  • Publications/Graphics Services
  • Communications planning
  • Editing/writing
  • Graphic design
  • Print buying
  • Production coordination
  • Writing and distributing of press releases for college events, organizations, departments, and special announcements. (Press Release Request Form)

The College produces many brochures, invitations, graphics and other printed materials each year. Each piece is an ambassador of Wilson College. Therefore, it is important that every one of them appears to be a part of the same family by sharing certain elements. These will vary depending on the department and publication, but should typically include the name of the College and our logo.

When you plan your publication, the Department of Communications can offer text and graphics suggestions, design and layout the actual product, and work with our in-house printer or outside vendors if necessary to fit your budget. In all cases, you are responsible for providing the original copy that will be used in your publication. Although we can help write a few major publications, typically we edit your original manuscript for your pieces. If you think you need help with the initial writing of your publication, it is very important that you communicate that with us as early as possible, since it will add considerable time to the project.

  • Public relations strategies
  • Placement of College-related stories in local, regional and national media
  • Development of College “experts” to serve as sources for news stories
  • Acting as spokesperson for the College, coordinating media coverage of on-campus events, news and crises

The central point of contact for all external communication, the Department of Communications responds to reporters’ requests, connects members of the campus community to the press, and publicizes campus events and activities. If you have an event, special recognition, faculty accomplishment or other noteworthy activity, we can get that information to the local media.

Web Site Development

  • Assigning and permissions for new web writers
  • Training in webpage management
  • Updating website editorial and design
  • Improving overall website functionality

The Wilson College website is designed and maintained by the Department of Communications. Similar to the printed publications that the College produces, the institutional website is an ambassador of Wilson College. Because the web is where most people go to learn about the College, our goal is to present Wilson’s identity in a clear, consistent and distinctive fashion. Most departments have designated web editor(s), who are trained to make updates. If you are looking for more advanced website design, please contact us to determine the feasibility of our staff completing your project.


  • Assisting with advertising planning/media buying
  • Design of print and electronic advertisements

The Department of Communications assists some departments regularly with advertising. It should have a professional quality that represents the Wilson’s achievements and excellence. The goal is to make all ads identifiable as belonging to the same ‘family’ and, thereby, strengthening the College’s public image or brand. Based on target audience, publication type, timing, cost, message and frequency considerations, we can make placement recommendations and help design both print and electronic advertisements.

Photography and Videography

The Department of Communications maintains a library of College photography, which is available for use in publications and on the website. Additional photography may also be requested, however, please know that we can only provide limited photography services. We cannot always guarantee having a staff member available, especially during evening hours and on the weekends. So for events that must be photographed, it is necessary for advanced planning or may be necessary to hire an outside professional photographer. The Athletic Department is responsible for athletic event photography. Fees associated with outside photographers will be approved and paid for by your department. For those taking their own pictures, we can also offer photography advice.

Videography must also be scheduled in advance. For some events, the assistance of the Information Technology Department may need to be obtained.

The Athletic Department coordinates publicity for Wilson College’s varsity sports. The Director of Athletics reports scores, statistics and information. The Athletic Department also coordinates the College’s sports webpages.

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