Brand and Identity


Wilson College Logo Downloads

Right click to download and SAVE IMAGE AS for the full size file. Please read the style guide for the correct Wilson College logo usage. We will be working on getting the official Wilson College font for all of the campus computers to use accordingly and appropriately in the coming future.








Business Cards

The College is ordering new business cards for faculty and staff with the new identity. 


Official PMS Colors


Wilson Blue (Primary)


Pantone 072
C100 M88 Y0 K7
HEX: #000088

Light Blue (Secondary)


C34 M00 Y11 K0
HEX: #a4dce2

Orange (Secondary)


C0 M73 Y87 K0
HEX: #f26a36

Green (Secondary)


C36 M0 Y82 K0
HEX: #aed25c

Red (Secondary)


C31 M100 Y100 K30
HEX: #881a1c

Warm Grey (Secondary)


C19 M18 Y22 K30
HEX: #cec7be


Wilson College
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Chambersburg, PA 17201
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