Apply to be an RA

Resident Assistants do amazing things within their communities. If you're looking for a way to get involved, meet people, and have a positive, lasting impact on your campus, we encourage you to join our Residence Life team!

Our Resident Assistants are a vital part of making the Wilson community a vibrant, warm, welcoming space. Through the Resident Assistant experience, students learn tools transferable to and valuable within any professional field. Our RAs are challenged to magange a full schedule, prioritize, and excel in all they do. They practice communication, mediation, and facilitation skills that make them more effective leaders, students, and friends. A tight-knit group, our staff operates as a team in the truest sense of the word, learning how to handle conflicts professionally while supporting each other in all their endeavors.

The RA role is meant to stretch and grow you in a variety of ways, helping us build effective, heatlthy communities as well as preparing you for a lifetime of involvement and leadership. It is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences you will ever have in college. We hope that you will consider joining our team!

Eligibility Requirements for RA Position:

  • Maintain a 2.5 semester and cumulative GPA.
  • Have lived on the Wilson College campus for no less than one year and have no less than sophomore standing by the start of employment.
  • Must be and remain in good social standing (no current honor code violations).
  • Expected to uphold and model the Honor Principle and Honor Code.
  • Commit to the position for the entire academic year (Fall & Spring semesters).
  • Must be a full-time Undergraduate College student and reside on campus in assigned RA space for entire term of employment.

Attend an RA Information Session!

Wednesday, November 14 1pm Jensen Dining Hall
Thursday, November 15 7pm Jensen Dining Hall
Friday, November 16th Noon Jensen Dining Hall
Monday, November 26th Noon Jensen Dining Hall
Tuesday, November 27th Noon Jensen Dining Hall
Wednesday, November 28th 5pm Jensen Dining Hall
Thursday, November 29th 5pm Jensen Dining Hall
Friday, November 30th Noon Jensen Dining Hall

November 14th - RA Information Session

November 15th - RA Information Session

November 16th - RA Information Session

November 26th - RA Information Session

November 27th - RA Information Session

November 28th - RA Information Session

November 29th - RA Information Session

November 30th - RA Information Session

February 1st - RA Applications Due

February 10th - Group Process Interviews

February 11th-February 22nd- Individual Interviews

March 25th-Decision Letters Emailed

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