Academic Support

Wilson College offers a variety of academic support services, including subject tutoring, in-person and online writing support, supplemental instruction, academic skills coaching, and reading skills instruction.  

Please click the links below to view Spring 2018 schedules.  All schedules are subject to change.  Most academic support services are offered from January 29 until the last week of classes.

Comprehensive Spring 2018 ASC Schedule



The ASC's No-Show and Cancellation Policy

We realize that students are busy and that unexpected events happen, but we request that students provide at least twelve hours of advance notice when they need to cancel a tutoring appointment in the ASC.  In cases of unexpected illness or events, please provide your tutor with as much advance notice as possible. 

Students who repeatedly miss appointments do a disservice to both tutors and other students who could benefit from tutoring.  Therefore, students who no-show four or more times in a given semester will be locked out of Appointments Plus, the ASC’s schedule management software.  If students wish to be reinstated into Appointments Plus to access tutoring services, they must meet with either Sarah Feldberg or Shelbie D’Annibale.   ASC staff reserve the right to restrict students’ access to tutoring services for a full semester if they no-show eight or more appointments during that period.  

Maximum Appointment Policy

To manage demand for tutoring and to prevent students from becoming overly dependent on tutors, students are permitted to book only one hour per tutor per day.  To make the most of your tutoring appointment, please schedule appointments well in advance of due dates and tests, prepare adequately for tutoring sessions, and prioritize significant concerns. 








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