Campus Telephone Upgrade

The Office of Information Technology, as of 11/18/2017, has upgraded the campus telephone system. The core system infrastructure and your desktop telephones have been upgraded with a new Digium Voice over IP (VoIP) unified communication system. This new system will allow us to maintain and enhance service reliability and resilience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the address for the user portal?

The address is

What is the default user portal password?

The default user portal password is: Wilson1!

What is the default voicemail PIN?

The default voicemail PIN is: 1234

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for "voice over internet protocol", which means that the phone system used a data network connection rather than an analog connection. Your new phone is connected to an available network data drop in your office and the computer is connected through your phone. If there are no available network data drops, then the phone is connected through your computer.

What do I do with my old phone?

The Office of Information Technology will pick up your old phone during the week of 11/27 and 12/4

Are there any new features?

Some new features include:

·  Call History – you are able to view a history of callers directly on your phone screen.

·  Voicemail to email – voicemail messages can be sent to you in an email attachment. The attachment is a ".wav" audio file that will play in a standard audio player on your computer and most mobile devices.

·  Phone Directory – you now have access to a searchable employee phone directory on your handset.

·  Speed Dial – you have the ability to program over 100 speed dial numbers.

Will student workers be able to access voicemails through their email?

Due to high turnover with student workers, they will not be given access to the voicemail nor will they receive voicemail messages via email.

If my computer goes down, will my phone continue to work?

Yes.  For those of you who have your computer connected through your phone, your computer does not need to be on for your phone to operate.  The only way your phone will go down would be if the network is down.

Who do I call for support and assistance?

The IT Help Desk is supporting the new phone system. When you call 4001 from your new phone, it will direct you to the IT Help Desk. You can call the IT Help Desk from an external phone by calling 717-264-4001. You can also email us at

Has my phone number changed?

Yes it may. You should have  – by now -- received your new phone numbers if it has changed.

Will I lose voicemail that I have saved on the old system?

Yes you will lose the voicemail stored in the Nortel system.

Are fax machines being converted to the new system?

We have moved to an internet based fax system called "Faxage." Please see below.


Email to Fax

Email to Fax is a feature that allows you to send an email with attachment to our Internet Fax provider, and have the attached file faxed to your destination. In order to utilize this feature, you must send the email from your Wilson College email address. Any Wilson College Staff or Faculty member can send a fax directly from their computer now.

Basic use of Email to Fax works like this:

1.  Address an email to (DestinationFaxNumber) – for example if you wanted to send a fax to 717-262-2032.

2.  Attach the file or files you want faxed to the recipient. The system will collate multiple attachments in the order you attach them (I.e.: the first document attached will be first when the fax is generated)

3.  Send the email

The system will then send a receipt that it got the job, and a further receipt when the job has completed, acknowledging the status of the job (success or failure, and it will list the reason if the job failed, such as busy, etc.).

If the item(s) that you need to fax out are paper documents, you can use one of the many Xerox Copiers on campus to scan the documents to your email, then forward that email by following the steps above.

You can then use the above service to send the scanned PDFs to your intended recipient.

Sample Job Receipt Email:

Your job to 17172622032 has been submitted.

You will receive a status email when the job completes.

Sample Job Status Email:

Your fax job has completed. Details are below:

To: Email to FAX

Number: (717)262-2032

Status: Success

Finished At: 2017-11-16 15:14:06 EST

Transmit Time: 00:00:20

Page Count: 1

Pages Sent: 1

Training Quick-Guide and Videos

Digium Phone Quick Guide-This PDF provides basic instructions for most phone features.
Handset Buttons-Overview of the physical phone, its buttons, and overall features.
How to use the Phone-Combination of the following videos: How to Make a Call, How to Recieve a Call, How to Place a Call on Hold, How to Transfer a Call.
How to Make a Call-Using the handset, speaker phone, rapid dial, contacts, redial, etc.
How to Receive a Call-How to know someone is calling, How to answer, Ignore a call, Send call to voicemail, etc. 
How to Place a Call on Hold-How to place a call on hold, resume a call, answer a call-waiting call, switching between calls on hold.
How to Transfer a Call-How to send a call to another extension or number.
How to Use a Headset-Connecting an approved headset to your phone, how to use a headset, and headset preferences.
How to Use Visual Voicemail-Screen messages as they are left, answer a call mid-message, see list of messages, listen to messages, managing messages, etc.
How to Make a Conference Call-Connect multiple people into one call.
How to Search Your Contacts-Search for Wilson extensions.
How to Use Contacts Application-Call, transfer, or conference with Wilson contacts. Access more detail about contacts.
How to Manage Call Rules-Use rules based on your statuses, call forwarding, etc.
How to Set and Change Your Status-Set statuses like do not disturb, on vacation, etc. 
How to Review Missed Calls-See a list of missed calls and call them back.
How to Park Calls-Placing someone on hold but in a way where other extensions can access the parked call.
How to use Call Logs-See a list of all call activity (dialed, recieved, missed)
How to Set Your Preferences-Preferences for display, sound, call answering, ringtone, etc.
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