Student Club and Organization Information

Student clubs and organizations are sponsored by the Wilson College Government Association. WCGA provides funding for recognized groups that are open to students enrolled in the undergraduate college.

Don't see the one you hoped to? Start your own organization! Just follow these guidelines and take the information to a WCGA meeting for approval.

Requirements for recognition of a campus organization:

  • A constitution, including a statement of aims to be submitted to the Dean of Students and the Constitution and By-Laws Chairperson
  • List of initial officers
  • A minimum of seven members
  • Need to fill out new club application

At the end of the semester, on a date designated by the Constitution and By-Laws Chairperson, clubs are required to give a written report to the Chairperson including the following:

  • A list of active members, defined by the clubs constitution
  • A record of meetings held and attendance records for those meetings
  • A brief summary of the club’s activities for that semester
  • A list of new officers, if applicable

Constitutions for all clubs must be reviewed by the Constitution and By-Laws Committee and the officers of the club every five (5) years.

Clubs must turn in their financial books to the WCGA Treasurer by the date she designates, for audit.

Any club not meeting the above criteria will be declared “currently inactive.”

The treasury of an inactive club will be held in trust by WCGA for three (3) semester periods. At the end of this time, the treasury will be absorbed by the WCGA account.

In order to regain active status, a club must contact the Constitution and By-Laws Chairperson and the club must follow the same procedure as defined for a new club.

Registration Details

  • Please list all members of your organization (minimum number required is 7)
  • Please list all Officers of your organization and their positions
  • What is the purpose of the proposed club or organization?:
  • Please describe the types of activities your organization will plan.
  • How will your funds be utilized?
  • When will your meetings be held?
  • Name of Advisor

Please forward a copy of your constitution to WCGA's post office; attention Constitution & By-laws Chairperson.

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