Safety Recomendations

  1. Always lock your door; a short trip to another room or to the bathroom provides an opportunity for theft.
  2. Report suspicious persons and/or activity.
  3. Call Escort Services any time you feel uncomfortable about leaving one area to go to another.
  4. Program Safety’s Emergency number into your cell phone 717-372-2255.
  5. Do not prop open exterior doors in the residence halls or classroom buildings.
  6. Avoid walking alone. Be aware of your surroundings when walking, entering a building or car.
  7. Avoid excessive alcohol consumption.
  8. Always lock your car; keep the windows up. Do not leave valuable items (GPS devices, cell phones, IPods) in plain sight.
  9. Avoid use of a cell phone when driving, riding a bike, walking or crossing a street.
  10. Have your keys ready before you arrive at your vehicle.
  11. Do not leave cash, credit/debit cards in a visible location in your residence hall room.   Do not let others know where you keep these items.
  12. Do not let others use your credit/debit cards.  Do not share passwords or other ID information.
  13. Complete an incident report in the event of an accident, theft, and/or anything suspicious.
  14. If out with friends, drink responsibly.  Do not leave your drink unattended; watch it being made and/or opened.
  15. Do not give out private, personal information on websites like Facebook; Myspace, and others.  (Check Internet Dating Safety Tips)
  16. If you are planning a trip away from campus/home, share details of your plans with your roommate or trusted friend.
  17. Know your limits when you are out drinking.
  18. Set firm boundaries with new people you meet while clubbing or partying.
  19. Follow your instincts. If something does not feel right, change directions, go to a public place, use an emergency phone.

Emergency Call Boxes

Emergency call boxes have been installed in various places on campus.

Call Box Locations

  • Tower-mounted box at the expanded Hankey Lot
  • Tower box at the sidewalk near the tennis courts
  • Wall-mounted unit at the Hawthorne Arena
  • Wall-mounted unit at the back of the L.P.N. classroom between Disert and Rosenkrans residence halls.

Call Buttons

  • Red button to reach Campus Safety for emergencies
  • Gray button to reach Campus Safety for informational purposes
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