Room Selection Q 4


Yes! When your number is called you can “pull up” your friend/suitemates and sign up in the same room together. Only the person whose number is called is permitted to pull once to fill their direct room to occupancy (pulled roommates get no additional pulls). Please note that if you agree to be pulled into a room, you forfeit the ability to sign up for a room when your number is called.

You can also request to live in a Theme Corridor. If you and your friends want to live together within the same block of rooms, you can propose a themed community based on your interests. Academic to social, hobbies to lifestyles to beliefs - the possibilities are endless. The theme could be gaming or artsy, substance-free or quiet, activism or cooking - anything you and your friends are interested in! Theme corridors are a great opportunity to shape your own community! Theme Corridors are groups of 8-14 students. More information is below.

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