Room Selection Q 3


All residence halls are open to all students however availability of particular rooms will depend upon where you are in the overall numerical line-up. Obviously highly desired spaces on campus will likely be picked first and may not be available to individuals with later numbers.

To be able to offer a wide variety of room types and halls, spaces in Riddle, South, Mac/Dav, Disert, and Rosenkrans will be available during Room Selection.

Please note that all placements are changeable at any time based on facility, occupancy, or student needs. The College reserves the right to consolidate, alter, or cancel housing assignments at any time. Room charges are based on room occupancy. Any change in occupancy, for any reason, may result in additional room charges. The Student is responsible for making any necessary roommate arrangements. Students not approved for a buy-out (Double as a Single) are not permitted to refuse a roommate. Buyout and Single availability is limited to those with documented ADA accommodation needs. Students not registered for fall or who fail to clear their fall bill by published deadlines may lose their housing assignment.

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