Residence Life Staff

Within the residence halls, student staff members are selected and trained to serve for the academic year as Resident Assistants (RAs). RAs carry out a broad range of responsibilities in the areas of community-based programming, peer counseling, conflict resolution, peer mediation, community standards and policy enforcement, crisis management, and community development.

Each residential unit is represented in the student senate by a hall senator. Senators provide one of several channels for students to voice opinions and suggestions to the Wilson College Government Association. Hall senators also serve on Residence Council, representing their constituents, hearing community issues and concerns, reviewing residential policies, and more. If you would like to become a hall senator, contact your RA, the Vice President of WCGA, or the Director of Residence Life.

There are 2 RA's on duty every day, 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. If you are locked out or otherwise need assistance during those hours, please contact the RA On Duty. During Summer Housing, there is an RA carrying the Duty phone 24 hours a day.

During normal business hours, please contact Campus Safety for lockouts. You can also contact Campus Safety any time you are unable to get hold of the RA On Duty or when you have a safety concern.

Residence Life Staff

Ryan Coll -Director of Residence Life

Ext. 2612 007 Lenfest  

Sean Miller-Residence Life Graduate Assistant

Ext. 2603 004 Lenfest
Sam Ritter Ext. 2479 Riddle A/B
Lauren Monahan Ext. 2429


Riddle 303
Megan Potter Ext. 2499 South 24

Olivia McDonald

2432 Disert 207  
Jarrett Rickerds Ext. 2418 Dav 223
Daniel Perry Ext. 2421 Dav 323
Angie Zolla 2462 McElwain 310  
Pratikshya Gaihre Ext. 2474 Prentis 105
Katelynn Gilbert Ext. 2476 Prentis 205
Chris Dobbins 2474

Prentis 105

Kayla Enck Ext. 2432 Disert 207
Breeann Sheaffer 2429 Riddle 203  
Juliann Winkler 2492 Ros 218  
Marianna Davidova Ext. 2496 Ros 218
Danielle Stafford 2498 Ros 318  
Megan Potter 2499 South 24  

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