Religious and Spiritual Life

Wilson College supports students' holistic education including spiritual and religious exploration. The Chaplain supports and encourages the spiritual growth and development of all members of the campus community in a manner that honors the diversity of religious beliefs present at Wilson College through opportunities for discussion, community service, interfaith services, and many other events. Wilson College is a historically Presbyterian college that supports a diverse interfaith community and encourages the asking of deep questions for all students regardless of religious background or no religious background.


Weekly Chapel and Bible Study

Chapel is held on the first Wednesday of each month from 12-12:30 p.m. in the Prayer Chapel, Lower Lenfest room 001. On all other Wednesdays there is Bible study, also held in the Prayer Chapel, Lower Lenfest room 001. Some weeks we learn about hands-on spiritual practices, some weeks are prayer services, and some have a reflection given by the chaplain or another member of the Wilson community. All are welcome. 




Chaplain's Duties

The chaplain works with student groups, faculty and staff to provide a variety of services to the community. These services encompass hospitality, inclusivity, compassion, relationship-building, creativity, integrity and community spirit. They include, but are not limited to:

• Coordinating weekly worship services and Bible studies during the academic year and encouraging students, faculty and staff to use chapel time as part of their own spiritual disciplines.

• Offering confidential conversation about anything—religious or not—to students, staff and faculty.

• Making pastoral visits off campus to those who are ill or in hospitals.

• Creating opportunities for relationship-building through Bible study, retreats and more.

• Attending a variety of events on campus and in the community in support of students, faculty and staff.

• Encouraging students to engage with relevant communities of faith both on and off campus.

• Providing a space for interfaith worship on campus and supplying the religious icons and texts necessary for worship.

• Assisting students in the administration of student religious organizations.

• Supplying information about volunteer, service, and social justice activities on and off campus.

• Participating in the work of local and national professional organizations, including the National Association of College and University Chaplains, Presbyterian College Chaplain’s Association and the Presbytery of Carlisle.
• Supporting speakers who address topics related to faith, spirituality, social justice and ethics.

• Responding to the needs of students, faculty and staff through development of new programs and services.

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