International Student Employment

Social Security Numbers

Students who will work while in the United States are required to obtain a Social Security Number (SSN). The government uses this number to supervise payments into the national pension system. Social Security Numbers are required in order to obtain a job and a driver’s license in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. When you go to the Social Security Office, you should bring:

  • Completed social security number form, available at 
  • Passport
  • I-20 and I-94
  • A completed letter from Wilson College stating that you work on campus and need a Social Security number. You can obtain this letter from the Internatinoal Student & Scholar Services (ISSS), as long as you have a real job offer on campus. You cannot get this letter unless you actually have a job offer.
  • A completed letter from your employer stating what type of on-campus work you will be performing. ISSS can provide a sample letter for your employer.

You should wait two weeks after arriving in the U.S. before applying for a social security number to ensure that your arrival paperwork has had time to process.  You will need the Social Security Number in order to be paid by the College.

On-Campus Employment

International students (F-1) may work on-campus as long as work is considered a "service." For example, working at the library or childcare center is on-campus and considered a "service." If you have questions, please contact the Internatioal Student & Scholar Services office (ISSS). You are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week while school is in session and full-time during annual vacations and semester breaks. You do not need permission from USCIS nor do you need to work in your major. However, please advise the ISSS office of your job.

Some international students have paid on-campus positions through Work Study of 7-10 hours per week. These awards are part of the student's initial financial aid package. However, not all students who want to work on campus can be accommodated since funding and jobs are limited.

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