Institutional Review Board

The Wilson College Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviews, approves (or disapproves), and monitors all research involving human participants conducted by faculty, staff, and students affiliated with Wilson College. The function of the IRB is to ensure that the rights of participants are protected and research is conducted in accordance with the ethical principles outline in the Belmont Report:  

Respect for Persons - participation in research is voluntary, participants are adequately informed about the research, and anonymity and confidentiality are maintained;
Beneficence - any risks associated with participation in research are justified by the potential benefits expected, and the risks are minimized;
Justice - any risks and benefits of research are distributed equitably across populations.

Types of research that fall under this purview include studies developed and/or carried out by Wilson faculty, staff, and students, studies done by Wilson faculty, staff, and students in collaboration with other organizations, studies designed as part of classroom curricula, and the solicitation of information by Wilson faculty, staff, and students including but not limited to surveys, observation, interviews, or review of records.

Evaluation of research protocol may include (but is not limited to) the purpose and justification of the research; the methods of recruitment and data collection; the potential risks (actual or perceived) to participants; and the potential benefits to the broader society. Aspects that are considered include informed consent, debriefing, protection of confidentiality/anonymity, and treatment of participants.

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