SPS students and their children are housed in Prentis Hall and the first floor of Disert Hall. Each SPS participant is housed in a two-room suite with a private bath. SPS students never have roommates; housing is only for the SPS student and child(ren) - no partners, friends, or other family members are ever permitted to live with the student.

Each suite is furnished with a twin bed, a dresser, a desk and desk chair. College-issued furniture must remain in the room but residents are welcome to bring their own personal pieces to make their space feel like home. Prentis suites offer air conditioning. At this time, Disert rooms are not air conditioned and individual units are not permitted. All residents are encouraged to bring fans. Residents should refer to the Residence Life Policies when outfitting their room. You can find the quick-reference Residence Life FAQs and Packing List online.

On each floor, SPS students share a common playroom, computer room, kitchen, and laundry facilities. Prentis playrooms are equipped with a TV and DVD/VCR player. Parents are able to contribute toys to the playroom and all work collaboratively maintain the space. The computer rooms each have two computers and one printer. There is also limited seasonal storage available on each floor. Limited long term storage is available in Prentis loft. Disert residents also have a large living room with a large TV and DVD/VCR player. Prentis residents share a large common living room on the first floor with a large TV and DVD/VCR player and piano. Basic SPS Community Expectations are set by the Residence Life and SPS Directors but each community meets regularly to discuss and determine their own methods of meeting those expectations and any other standards they feel are appropriate for their floor community.

As SPS students have different housing needs than traditional students, the SPS housing contract has been constructed to provide housing from the time SPS move-in and Orientation occurs in August until Commencement closing in May. SPS students are able to stay in residence through all academic year break periods without additional charges. SPS housing for 2016-2017 is $5,592 for the academic year. SPS students wishing to reserve their room for the coming academic year are required to sign their room agreement for the coming year by mid-April.


SPS students have the ability to remain in their academic year rooms throughout the summer sessions as well regardless of whether they are taking summer classes. Summer housing is billed separately than the academic year housing contract. Summer housing for 2016 is $575 per month, prorated by check-in and check-out dates. RSVP for summer housing online by the end of March. SPS students who plan to leave campus for the summer but have signed a room agreement for fall semester have the ability to leave their belongings in their room without paying for summer housing as long as they complete a checkout and return their room key before leaving campus.

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