Getting Started on Your Project

When you consider your marketing or communications project, please consider the following issues prior to submitting your request.

Project description―Provide a broad definition of the action required from the Communications Department.

Objective―What do you want to achieve with this project?

Target audience profile―Describe the intended recipient of the project.

Desired action(s)―What is the specific action that is reasonable to expect the recipient to do?

Timing―What is your event date, RSVP deadline, registration date or publication issue date? Are there other scheduling issues?

Key strategic/selling proposition―What is the central, most persuasive message of the creative execution?

Copy/creative―Where will you obtain the necessary copy? Are there certain photographs or images you want to use?

Measurement―How will you measure the project to decide whether it meets your objectives? When will you measure it?

Quantity and budget―How many of the items do you need and how much are you budgeting for the project? What is the department budget code to assign costs? Where do you want to print it, in-house or off campus?

Submit a print project initiation form to get started. 

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