Patterson Bay, Laird Hall

Mind Your Manners - Dining with Dignity

Etiquette Dinner, led by Angela Lynch.  Learn the foundations of proper dining etiquette. 

Which fork/spoon/knife do I use?

Which drink is mine?

Where do I put my napkin if I have to excuse myself?

Conversation starters

Buisnes Casual Dress is required


All College Meeting

Join President Barbara K. Mistick for the All-College Meeting, 11 a.m., Monday, Dec. 7, in Laird Hall.

Climate Science, Part I

Abrupt climate change and sea-level rise: How what we don’t know might hurt us

at noon

Black Apocalypse & Christian Hope, Part II

Love in the End Times: On Samuel Delany and #blacklivesmatter

4 p.m.

Discussion by Dr. Vincent Lloyd. Samuel Delany is the preeminent African American science fiction writer. His novels and memoirs tackle the complexities of identity, race, and personal relationships. How might his writings help us respond to anti-black racism, from police violence to microaggression?

Black Apocalypse & Christian Hope

Beyond Pragmatic Politics: African American Science Fiction as Political Theology

at noon

Discussion by Dr. Vincent Lloyd. Increasing awareness of police brutality and the disproportionate imprisonment of Black Americans have made us aware of just how deeply entrenched racism is. Incremental political change often seems futile. There is a long tradition of Blacks writing apocalyptic fiction in the face of deep-seated racism - but is such fiction political?

A Greener Educaton, part II

Sacralizing the Secular:  Bill McKibben and the Ethics of Sustainability

at 4 p.m.

A Greener Education

Sustainability in the Liberal Arts: Good for the Planet, Good for the Student, with Dr. Mara E. Donaldson

at noon

Sustainability, understood as an action plan in response to climate change, is becoming a comprehensive and transformative model for liberal arts colleges throughout the United States.  In this presentation and discussion we’ll look at several of these models and talk about the opportunities and challenges colleges face in making sustainability a defining characteristic of a liberal arts education.

Doomsday Scenarios, Part II

With a Shamble and a Moan: Zombie Apocalypses in American Culture

at 4 p.m.

Zombies bring about the end of the world over and over again in popular culture. These monster tales provide not only visions of a dystopian end, but also say much about current moment's humanity and inhumanity.

Doomsday Scenarios

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign: Tim LaHaye's End-Times Theologies

at noon

Dr. Kelly Baker will  talk through some of LaHaye's more recent apocalyptic visions and how they are different, and less popular, than his previous Left Behind series. Signs of end times emerge as political events.


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