Education Program Forms & Resources

Required Clearance Forms and Links

  1. Act 34 Criminal HIstory Clearance (select Employment for reason on application)
  2. Act 151 Child Abuse Clearance (select Employment for reason on application)
  3. Act 114 FBI Clearance and Service Code (no longer receive anything in the mail, will receive one email in which you can download your clearance)
  4. Act 24 Arrest/Convict (free--print, read and sign)
  5. For TB test,  ask doctor for a "script" of the results.

**Always keep the originals for your records!

Mandated Reporter Training

Many school districts are requiring that students complete this training prior to observing and/or student teaching. This training provides information on the recognition of child maltreatment and the obligation and procedures to report child maltreatment. This training is FREE. Complete the mandatory three hour web based training at  Print out the certificate at the end to hand in. Print/Save a copy for your records too.

Education Program Forms

Dispositions TIP Guidelines (enrolled before F18)
Dispositions TCP Guidelines (enrolled F18 and after)
Dispositions UG/ADP Guidelines
Dispositions Form to email to instructors

Deferred Payment Form -- completed forms and payment go to the Student Services Center

Education Workshops -- online Registration Form

   Observation Information

Observation Hours Request ONLINE Form
Classroom Observation Verification & Criteria Forms (required to submit to class professor/instructor)

   Lesson Plan Information

Lesson Plan Format
Lesson Plan Format for EDU206 Only
Lesson Plan Format for SP19 Student/Intern Teachers and Pre-Practicum only

Sample Lesson Plan using updated format
Sample Secondary Unit Plan
Sample Secondary/Middle Level Lesson Plan
Sample PreK-4 Lesson Plan
Sample 2 PreK-4 Lesson Plan
Websites with Lesson Ideas
Webb Circle

Navigating the SAS or ACTFL Website
Lesson Planning Video
Lesson Planning Video -- EDU 206!

Undergraduate (traditional & ADP) Use Only Forms

Undergraduate Education Program Handbook 16/17
Undergraduate Education Program Handbook 17/18
Undergraduate Education Program Handbook 18/19
Undergraduate Education Program Handbook 19/20

Undergraduate Application to Education Program

Substitute Teaching Permits

Teacher Certification Pathways Use Only Forms

TIP Handbook 16/17
TIP Handbook 17/18
TIP Handbook 18/19
TIP Handbook 19/20

TOP Handbook 18/19
TOP Handbook 19/20

FLIP Handbook 18/19
FLIP Handbook 19/20

TCP Field Experience Portfolio
Field Experience Portfolio Submission Instructions

TIP/TOP Off-campus Approval Form

TCP Graduate Education Course ONLINE Registration Form
TIP MA in Humanities Course Registration Form

ProEthica Registration (TIP/TOP only)

Technology Registration (TOP only)
TOP PK-4 & Dual PK-4 Workshop Forms (TOP only)

Pre-Practicum & Practicum

Spring 2020 UG-ADP-TIP Pre-Practicum Application (EDU/SPE348)
Spring 2020 TOP Pre-Practicum Application (EDU/SPE348)

Spring 2020 UG-ADP-TIP Practicum Application (Student Teaching)
Spring 2020 TOP Practicum Application (Student Teaching)

INTERN Practicum Application -- must contact Mrs. Byers

Pre-Practicum Resume Template
Practicum Resume Template
Resume Guidelines

Weekly Reflection Page (for student teachers only)
Intern Weekly Reflection Page (for intern teachers only)
Weekly Reflection Page (for Pre-Practicum students only)

Pre-Practicum Student Handbook F19 & SP20

Practicum Handbook F19 & SP20

INTERN Practicum Handbook F18 & SP19
INTERN Practicum Handbook F19 & SP20

PECT/ETS Testing

Basic Skills Assessment Options Chart

  • Students who need to take all or part of the Basic Skills Assessment tests -- It is recommended that you take the PAPA Math and Core Reading and Writing.


ETS Testing  (secondary, middle level, PK-12 & Core Academic Skills -- Interactive Practice tests available for purchase)
PECT Testing (PK-4, PK-8 Special Education, 7-12 Special Education & PAPA)
ACTFL Testing (Foreign Languages)

*Caution: Make sure that scores will be sent to PDE & Wilson College! 

  • Harrisburg is the closest PA ETS testing site and if you go to a PA testing site, scores are automatically sent to PDE. If you chose to go to a Maryland testing site, the scores will go to Maryland Dept. of Education. Believe you can send scores to 4 other recipients when registering. You will want to select Wilson (RA2979) and PDE! If you don't, you will then have to pay ETS an additional a fee to have them sent to PDE.
  • Not sure if PECT allows you to select PDE or if it is automatically sent. However, PECT has a Chambersburg testing site, among others. Strongly recommend that you take PECT tests at a PA testing site!
  • For ACTFL, believe the scores are not automatically sent to any Dept. of Education, so select PDE if possible. If not, you will need to contact ACTFL to have them sent to PDE.

PECT/Praxis Test Requirements and Test Codes
PECT/Praxis Required Scores and Sliding GPA (click on the Excel in number 2)
PECT/Praxis Test Prep & Practice Test Information
Flyer for Fall 2019 Butler Community College Test Prep classes

  • Students may obtain accommodations for their testing dates and times. Go to ETS and/or  PECT for explanation and procedure. Submit at least 6 weeks before the testing date.

PECT Financial Assitance Vouchers (complete before registering for a test, FA must sign form)
PRAXIS Retest Certificate (print completed form and deliver to Education Dept.)
PRAXIS Retest Guidelines
PECT Retake Voucher and Guidelines (deliver completed form to Education Dept.)

Intern/Instructional I Application

TIMS (Intern/Instructional I application)
TIMS Certification Instruction Sheet   - may not be 100% accurate. Please take your time completing the application!

PA Teaching Jobs -- sites to search!

Teacher License Reciprocity

Decorative Certificate Announcement from PDE

Grades 5-6 Add-on Option for PK-4 Information


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