Education Observation Hours Request Form

General Information
Please check the Newsletter for request deadline and school districts that require Wilson observation request submissions. DO NOT contact any school district that is listed in the Newsletter. You must have CURRENT clearances, including TB (not older than 1 year from date on clearances/TB). There is no guarantee you will get a placement, so the sooner you request, the better your chances!
Ex: PK-4, ML English, secondary Math, PK-12 Spanish, etc.
School District
Please list your first and second choice for school districts. Will use the second choice, if requesting lots of hours or if no placement available with first choice. You may also list a building choice but it may not be honored.
Course and Number of Hours to Request
List only one Education course and ALL the number of hours you require for that course per box, including in what level/area – break it down and be very specific! Check each course syllabus! Examples (not from syllabi): EDU215: One hour of Special Needs & one hour Life Skills, PK-4 classroom; EDU332: Three 1 hour 7-12 social studies observations with three different teachers; EDU337: one hour in a 3rd or 4th grade classroom with a science lesson; EDU341: Two 1 hour observations in a ML classroom (any subject, must include at least one ESL student, can be same teacher); etc. PLEASE NOTE that if you hit "enter" not "tab" before completing an entry, the form will automatically submit.
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