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Course Evaluations
All instructors will be evaluated in every course they are teaching. Wilson College values input from students, and course evaluations are an important way to make student voices heard. Although students often disagree in their assessment of a course, evaluation forms nonetheless serve as a resource to faculty in judging and improving teaching effectiveness. Many instructors find written comments particularly useful, especially when they are specific.
Student course evaluations are always anonymous. The information on the forms is collected and collated so that faculty may see student comments without knowing which student in the class recorded them. Faculty do not receive student evaluation forms until after all grades are due. 
Course evaluation forms have a dual audience. The instructor will use them to improve or maintain the quality of the course, and Division Heads, division promotion and tenure review committees, the Dean of the College, and the Committee on Promotions and Tenure will use them in part to evaluate the instructor’s performance and/or continued employment at the college. 
Timeline for course evaluations
  • Around the mid-term part of any given semester, faculty are provided access to their generic course evaluation forms in order to add questions specific to the course. Faculty should be provided at least two weeks to add their questions.
  • The forms open for students two weeks prior to the last day of classes and remain open until 11:59pm on the last day of classes.
  • Faculty do not receive access to their course evaluations until after grades are due. 
Campus Labs
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