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Common Campus Life Questions

What is the social life like?

Wilson College offers a wide range of co-curricular, academic, leadership and athletic activities which provide a rich social life on campus. Students who have the best experience at Wilson have found a niche in both the social and curricular environments of the college. The Student Development staff – Student Activities, Residential Life, Career Services, the Chaplain’s Office, the Counseling and Health Centers, and the International Student Office – work with students to plan and coordinate a variety of activities, both educational and social, throughout the year. These activities range from trips to nearby cities for shopping or attending sporting events, local attractions, educational seminars and workshops on campus. Each residence hall offers programming designed to build a sense of community on campus. Wilson is also steeped in tradition and holds many long-standing events such as Sarah Wilson Week, White Dinner, Thanksgiving Dinner, Deans Day, and Spring Fling.

Centrally located Lenfest Commons conveniently houses all the Student Development Offices, fitness center, post office, student clubs and organization offices, coffeehouse, and outdoor picnic areas. Enjoy an afternoon snack or study in the sun. There are also several lounge areas that are ideal for studying or holding discussion groups.

Positive involvement with activities and events on campus helps students learn to balance their academic and co-curricular responsibilities, become better at time management, and develop an understanding of what it means to build and sustain community. The Student Development staff, and the staff and faculty advisors who work with student groups are here to help you realize your dream and vision for a vibrant social life at Wilson.

How safe is campus?

Wilson College has safety officers on campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are also Resident Assistants on each floor who help maintain a safe community environment; there is always at least one RA on duty outside of normal business hours. The college also recommends observance of common personal safety practices including utilizing a buddy system when you are out after dark. Students can always call the Security Office for an escort from the parking areas and/or other areas on campus. Blue light emergency phones are also available at key locations on campus. An on-call administrator is available to assist RAs and Security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while classes are in session. Check the Wilson website at for the annual crime statistical reports mandated by the Department of Education.

How does the meal plan work?

All residential students are required to be on the meal plan. All new students are on the 19 meal plan and returning students may select from several options.

Phoenix Meal Plan - 19-meal plan: 
All first time, first year, residential students are required to be on this meal plan for their first year. With this plan students receive 19 meals per week (meals do not carry over week to week): 3 meals Monday – Friday and 2 meals, brunch and dinner, on Saturday and Sunday.

Gold Meal Plan - 14- Meal plan
: With this meal plan students receive 14 meals per week (meals do not carry over week to week): any 2 meals Monday-Friday and 2 meals, brunch and dinner, on Saturday and Sunday.

Silver Meal Plan - 10- Meal plan
: Limited to Seniors, RA's, and SPS residents only
. With this meal plan students receive any 10 meals per week (meals do not carry over week to week): any meal option Monday through Sunday.

Commuter/Bronze Meal Plan - 5- Meal plan: 
Limited to non-residential students only.
With this plan students may choose any 5 meals per week: Monday – Friday during the academic year

Students with special dietary needs can usually be accommodated by the food services on campus. Students are not released from the board plan without specific documentation from their physician. Documentation received will be reviewed by the Dean of Students, the health services professional, and the Dining Services Director. Questions regarding the meal plan should be directed to the Director of Residence Life or the Dean of Students.

When are meals available?

Regular Dining Hours are:
Hot breakfast: 7:00 – 8:30 AM
Continental breakfast: 8:30 – 9:00 AM
Lunch: 11:15 AM –1:00 PM
Dinner: 4:45 – 6:45 PM
Brunch: 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM
Dinner: 5:00 – 6:30 PM

The board plan covers meals during the fall and spring semester only. Students are responsible for providing their own meals during holidays or college recesses when there are no classes for more than two days. Muhibbah Dinner is not included in the meal plan and does carry a separate charge.

During J-Term, Commencement Week, and Summer Terms there are no dining services so students are responsible for their own meals. During this time, students use the kitchen facilities in the residence halls to prepare meals.

Can first-year students bring a car to Wilson?

Any student may bring a car to campus. Cars need to be registered with Campus Safety as soon as the vehicle is brought on campus. The parking fee is billed to the student account each semester. Purchase of a parking sticker does not guarantee a parking space. Students who park on campus are expected to abide by the parking regulations, and to park in the lots which have been assigned to them.Failure to follow the stated regulations will result in tickets and fines.

How will I get around if I do not have a car?

The Office of Student Development organizes a shuttle that runs on Friday evenings for you to shop and go to movies in the Chambersburg area. Occasionally, weekend shopping trips and day trips to surrounding cities are arranged as well. Shuttles to BWI and Harrisburg airports and the Harrisburg train/bus station run once per break period. A schedule of shuttle dates and times is published early in the fall semester. You can also borrow one of the community “Yikes! Bikes” through Security to get around campus or go to the nearby stores and restaurants. We do highly encourage community members to utilize greener forms of transportation when possible and the campus is small enough that a bike is sufficient for many students.

What internship opportunities are available?

Wilson’s internship opportunities are constantly growing. Our Career Development Center works closely with students looking for internship opportunities in order to assist in placement to fit their goals and needs. To review the types of internship placements, visit the Career Development link on the Wilson College web page at

Do you have a study-abroad program?

The college supports students who wish to have an international experience by working with them on an individual basis; and individual Wilson professors/staff offer Study Abroad opportunities. For more information on study abroad opportunities, contact our Crystal Lantz, Director of International Scholar Services at

Do you have health and counseling services available on campus?

Located in Lenfest Commons are the college counselor and the college nurse. Wellness issues are recognized as an important part of residential and non-residential student life. The counselor and college nurse are focused on campus wide wellness promotion. They work to incorporate nutrition, fitness, self-care measures, stress management and coping skills to support students in their personal and academic lives.

The Health Center provides a clinic where students are welcome to consult with a nurse for various health and wellness issues. A local medical practice offers non-emergency care to resident students.

The Counseling Center provides individual psychotherapy, in which students can address a range of mental health, behavioral, and social issues. A psychiatrist is also available to students for medication management. Support groups, psycho-education venues, health and wellness fairs, and workshops are also offered throughout each semester. All Health and Counseling Center services are confidential, and free to Wilson students.

Are there religious services available on campus?

There are many opportunities for religious activities on the Wilson College campus. Please check the Chaplain's schedule of activities when you arrive. Past programs offered through her office include weekly Fiber Fellowship, Agape Christian Fellowship and the Quest. An ecumenical Christian chapel service is held weekly on Wednesdays at 12 noon. The Prayer Chapel (on the ground floor of Lenfest) is open for students to personally fulfill their own spiritual and religious needs as fits their schedules.

How can I get Internet access?

Wireless internet is available throughout the academic buildings, residence halls, and most administrative buildings, include Lenfest Commons. Information Technology Services staff can assist you in establishing the link and your email account. There are also public computers available in computer labs across campus and in the residence halls.

Where will I do my banking?

Each individual bank will provide different services, and you will need to find the right fit for you. Wilson College invites banks on campus twice each year for students during Registration Day. The closest ATM is on campus in Lenfest Commons and is affiliated with PSECU. Some of the nearby local banks are Susquehanna, M&T, F&M, and the Patriot Federal Credit Union.

What if I have trouble in my classes?

Help is available! Academic Support Center offers in-person and online assistance with written assignments, study skills, note taking, time management, and test taking, as well as disability support services for eligible students. Students are also highly encouraged to speak with their professors early on about any difficulty they are experiencing - our faculty are willing and able to help!

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