Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs Staff by Department

Office of the Dean


Elissa Heil x2193 Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty
Deborah Austin x4381 Associate Dean of Academic Advising and Professor of Chemistry
Carolyn Hart x4093 Assistant Dean and Director of Nursing
Larry Shillock x4856 Assistant Dean and Professor of English
Travis Tosten x2192 Faculty Assistant/Assessment Coordinator 
Rachael Picard x4095 Faculty Assistant

Academic Support Center

Shelbie D'Annibale x2771 Assistant Director of the Academic Support Center,
Accessibility Services Coordinator
Sarah Feldberg x2762 Writing Lab Coordinator

Information Technology

Kevin Gallagher x4830 Senior Systems Engineer
Alan Shoop x4831 Senior Network Administrator
Jennifer Thomas x4579 Senior Application Developer


Jose Dieudonne x4851 Associate Vice President for Technology and Library Services
Shanna Hollich x2724 Collection Management Librarian
Kelly Spiese x2755 Reference and Instruction Librarian
James D'Annibale x2687 Technology and Instructional Design Librarian
Maleah Friedline x2037 Circulation Services Technician

Student Services (One-Stop Shop)

Heather Ellerbrock x4020 Student Services Counselor
Christina Friese x4022 Student Services Counselor
Hillary Swartz x4021 Student Services Counselor


Jean Hoover x2209 Registrar
Ellen Ott x2195 Assistant Registrar
Darlene Coover x2196 Assistant to the Registrar

Fulton Center for Sustainability Studies (FCSS)

Christine Mayer x4420 Program Manager, FCSL
Sean Scanlon 709-1995 Fulton Farm Manager
Judith Scriptunas 709-1995 Program Manager, Robyn Van En Center

Hankey Center

Amy Ensley x2562 Director of the Hankey Center
Kieran McGhee x2049 College Archivist

Academic Departments by Division

Arts and Letters

Robert Dickson x2782

Chair of Arts and Letters,
Associate Professor of Fine Art

Joshua Legg x2781 Director of MFA Program
Philip Lindsey x2783

Professor of Fine Arts,

Director of the Bogigian Gallery

Michael Cornelius x4841

Professor of English,

Program Director M.A. Humanities

Larry Shillock x4856

Professor of Englsih

Lisa Woolley x4844 Professor of English
Jonathan Long x4840 Assistant Professor of Communications
Megan Mizanty x2672 Visiting Assistant Professor of Dance

Business, Mathematics, and Computer Science

Justin Lawrence
x4388 Chair of Business, Mathematics, and Computer Science,
Assistant Professor of Physics
Don Kelley
x4387 Associate Professor of Computer Science
Alexander Munson x4389 Assistant Professor of Mathematics
James Hay x4850 Associate Professor of Accounting
Thomas Armstrong x4854 Assistant Professor of Finance
Joseph Crouse x4849 Assistant Professor of Economics
Kasey Brenneman x4248 Mathematics Lecturer

Equine and Animal Studies

Ann O' Shallie x4147

Chair of Equine and Animal Studies,

Professor of Equestrian Studies

Brooke Leininger x4146 Assistant Professor of Equestrian Studies
Elizabeth Woolfrey x2191 Stable Manager

Global Studies/Citizenship

Jill Hummer x4837 Chair of Global Studies/Citizenship,
Associate Professor of Political Science
Melanie Gregg x4842 Associate Professor of French
Wendell Smith x4968 Associate Professor of Spanish
Nicolaos Catsis x4846 Assistant Professor of Global Studies
Julie Raulli x4839 Associate Professor of Sociology
Amanda McMenamin x4838

Assistant Professor of Spanish

Director of Wilson Scholars Program

Kay Ackerman x4836 Associate Professor of History
John Elia x4855 Associate Professor of Philosophy
David True x4967 Associate Professor of Religion
Kathleen Cunniffe-Pena x2788 Spanish Lecturer

Nursing/Health Sciences

Carolyn Hart x4093

Chair of Nursing/Health Sciences,

Department of Nursing Program Director

Julie Beck x4422 Associate Professor of Nursing
Brenda Elliott n/a Assistant Professor of Nursing
Jennifer Buffenbarger x4577 Assistant Professor of Nursing
Melodie Hoff x5936 Nursing Administrative Coordinator

Integrated Sciences

Brad Engle x4216

Chair of Integrated Sciences,

Associate Professor of Biology

Deb Austin x4381 Professor of Chemistry
Dana Harriger x4383 Professor of Biology
Kathryn Sarachan x4380 Visiting Professor of Chemistry
Abigail Berkey x4167 Assistant Professor of Biology
Steven Schmidt x4251 Assistant Professor of Psychology
Lori Frey x2012

Assistant Professor of Physical Education

Director of Intercollegiate Athletics

Tonia Hess-Kling x4168 Assistant Professor of Exercise and Sports Science
Edward Wells x4418

Professor of Environmental Studies

Director of Envronmental Studies

Katie Maurice x4096 Lab Manager

Veterinary Medical Technology

Freya Burnett

Chair of Veterinary Medical Technology,

Professor of Veterinary Medical Technology

George Bates x4165 Assistant Professor of Veterinary Medical Technology
Tina Roles x4833 Assistant Professor of Veterinary Medical Technology
Tammy Ege x4149 Assistant Professor of Veterinary Medical Technology
Mary Beth Wert x4166 Instructor of Veterinary Medical Technology


Lynn Newman x2395 Chair of Education,
Associate Professor of Education
Daniela DiGregorio x4859 Assistant Professor of Education
Theresa Hoover x4971 Assistant Professor of Education
Beth Byers x4857 Director of Teacher Intern Program (TIP)
Marian Strait x4858 Education Office Manager
Eric Michael x4970 Director of Graduate Education Programs
Norma Snider x2045 Administrative Assistant, Graduate Education Programs
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